Holding your wedding at Halloween offers endless opportunities for beautiful autumnal décor and stunning backdrops for wedding photographs. From the dress to the table decorations, wedding couples can really go to town – and a savvy photographer should be able to capture all the little details during the day. Here are some terrific tricks to help your photographer make the most of your autumn wedding.

1. Follow the light

Late October weddings can fall foul of the lengthening nights, as the light fades sooner in the afternoon than in previous months. By giving your photographer a detailed itinerary with timings included, he or she can plan when and where to take photos to reflect the various parts of your big day. Don’t forget to tell your photographer about any indoor lighting or wedding décor that might produce some good results, such as candles, lanterns and fairy lights.

2. Watch the weather

Late autumn weather can be unpredictable, but if the day dawns with an ominous mist on the horizon, never fear. Your photographer will know how to handle adverse weather conditions and fog or mist can make for some very atmospheric wedding photos. Even rain can produce beautiful photos with a little imagination. A photo of the happy couple in each other’s arms, sheltering under an umbrella, can look charming in a pretty frame, while close-up shots of raindrops on autumn leaves will really capture the beauty of the occasion.

3. Harvest Festival

Halloween coincides with a time of abundant harvest, ripening fruits and rich colours in the trees and surrounding countryside. Your photographer will be able to take full advantage of these rich colours, so ask him or her for ideas on how to incorporate your seasonal surroundings into the photos. Bowls of autumn fruits dotted about the venue will add colour and bring a fresh, natural feel to the occasion. Not to mention a delicious, healthy option for dessert.

4. Little touches

Depending on how far you are planning to take your autumn wedding theme, there should be plenty of little touches doted around the ceremony and reception venues that your photographer could use for inspiration. Suggestions include close-ups of a themed wedding dress, make up or flowers, autumnal decorations, favours, food and pictures of guests against a backdrop of autumn leaves.

5. Fun, fun, fun

Lastly, as with any wedding, it is so important not to let the stress of planning and the relief of the day arriving overshadow the sheer joy of the occasion. Joining a couple in matrimony who are deeply in love is something to celebrate and this should be reflected in your wedding photography, regardless of the time of year. An autumn wedding, however, can add even more opportunities for whimsical decorations, seasonal backdrops and beautiful colours. Make sure your photographer captures the finer details in all the photos, taking in not just the happy couple but also the guests of all ages and their reactions to the Halloween theme. Having a set of amazing, evocative photos will ensure that your wedding is talked about for all the right reasons not just for years, but for decades to come.