Spring sees the start of the main wedding season, as couples opt for more reliable weather for their special day. And why not? Nature is starting to come back to life and flowers are coming out into glorious bloom. It is warm enough to party in comfort, yet not too sweltering hot. The guest list is less in danger of being reduced by people’s summer holiday plans than if you book a date later on in the year.
So, once you have chosen and booked your spring wedding date and venue, the next thing to consider is the photography. Over many years photographing weddings in Buckinghamshire, we’ve built up a large collection of tips to make your spring wedding photo album look like a dream.

Enjoy the light
Spring light tends to be soft and natural – ideal for taking fantastic pictures. Find a beautiful backdrop and get snapping. Consider returning to the same spot at different times of day if you can. An early morning haze will add an ethereal feel as the couple begin their journey of love, while the golden hues of a spring sunset will provide some unexpected drama at the very end of the day.

Floral fun

One of the best parts of getting hitched in spring is the wider choice of flowers that are available to you, not only for bridal bouquets and floral displays but in natural scenery such as formal gardens, churchyards and meadows.
Ask your photographer to capture some close-ups of pretty flowers growing in or around your venue, or even to pose members of the bridal party and their guests next to colourful shrubs or early blossoming fruit trees.

Attention to detail

Make sure your wedding album truly tells the story of your spring wedding by including plenty of pictures showing off the smaller details. Close -ups of your flowers and any spring-themed decorations, table settings, wedding favours or jewellery will provide wonderful personal reminders after the event. You could even save some of the spring flowers used in the wedding decorations or bouquets and press them, ready to be displayed alongside your photos in the album or added to thank you cards.

April showers

Spring doesn’t always guarantee sunshine, especially in the UK. If you are unlucky enough to have rain forecast, make the most of it by adding some fun props, such as umbrellas that match your wedding party colours, or cute welly boots for young guests to wear while splashing ab out in puddles.
A sudden spring breeze can result in lovely shots of long hair or veils billowing out around the bride and even a spring mist can add some unusual textural effects to the final images.