In some cultures rain on your wedding day is considered a blessing. If that is the case then Catia and Clint had just the right amount of blessing with a 15 minute light shower during the civil wedding ceremony. Have I mentioned it was an outdoor ceremony? Luckily the venue’s staff were on hand and quickly rallied around to supply large golf umbrellas, forming a seamless canopy over the guests while the happy couple tied the knot under The Pavilion’s Garden Gazebo.

In India they say a wet knot is harder to untie and in Portugal it is said to be a good omen if it rains on your wedding day. With strong ties from both these countries, it was no wonder I could hear comments and cheers from the onlookers as the clouds opened over the ceremony. It was indeed a positive sign and the ceremony continued without a hitch.

The theme of the wedding was rustic, natural and 100% vegan. The Garden Gazebo was adorned in fresh flowers and eucalyptus leaves. The table centerpieces were natural arrangements of flowers in simple jars on wooden stumps and the venue was tastefully decorated with bunting, wooden crates and carefully sought out wedding favours – everything made from natural or recycled materials.

It was a beautiful, English country wedding. I loved how every aspect of the wedding was carefully chosen and planned to not only suit the couples’ taste but also reflect their personalities and the things they value most. It truly was a day to remember.

Venue: The Pavilion at Lane End 
Flowers: The Daisy Chain 
Wedding Cake: The Pavilion at Lane End